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There are lots of ways to create a podcast, although if you're going make them regularly you may need a tool that lets you avoid cumbersome professional editors. Speaker Studio is a practical tool that lets you record your own podcasts on the fly, and includes a series of options for adding effects and letting listeners interact online.

You can broadcast live or record audio locally for later release. You can pause and resume the cuts at any time and the program lets you insert additional audio on top of the voice track you're recording. This means it's possible to create a playlist of songs you can release whenever you want using program's own interface, which even includes a rudimentary two-track mixer and a panel with shortcuts to little sound effects (several come with the program).

Although it's best if all participants are in the same physical space when it comes time to record, this isn't always possible. To solve this, Speaker Studio has included the option of linking a Skype account in order to capture a live recording of a call. (Obviously the audio quality will depend on your Internet connection.)
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Easily create podcasts with the tools from Spreaker

There are lots of ways to live-record audio using professional multitrack sequencers, but when it comes to recording podcasts there’s really no need to muddy your feet with such elaborate programs. Spreaker Studio is a tool that lets you easily put together podcats or audio recordings of any other sort thanks to its array of integrated tools.
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The free version lets you record up to 30 minutes per day and a maximum of 10 hours.